Red Drum Recipe
22 July 2015

A lot of Red Drum is getting caught at the moment. Here is a few tasty recipes - click here from Copper...

9 October 2014

Joint us on facebook (or search for Seahorse Kontiki's). We post all the latest news there along with other useful bits of...

Red Gurnard (Robin Fish) on Toast
9 October 2014

Gurnard is also called Robin Fish, as the large fins can allow them to guide in the water. Time for a funny looking fish: my first red gurnard...

Reggae Shark
9 October 2014

A funny video about...

Baked Massaman Snapper
11 September 2014

Fresh baked Snapper in a massaman...

Snapper and Fennel Pie
11 September 2014

Here is a great recipe for a Snapper and Fennel Pie, andthis recipe could be used with any firm white meat fish, such asthe Red...

Future for Commercial Fishing
20 October 2013

New trawling technology - billed as "the future of sustainable fishing" - has been unveiled to the New Zealand seafood industry at its...

Filming a new DVD
15 October 2013

We are filming a new instructional DVD for the Seahorse Kontiki's and want to include new photos in the "gallery of catches" If...

Donation to LegaSea
28 July 2013

Seahorse won one of the major prizes at the KariKari Kontiki Klassic, which we offered for sale on the night to raise money for LegaSea. The...

Free Fishing Magazine
30 June 2013

It's not often you get something for free, but this is one of them. A free monthly fishing magazine deliveried directly to your in...

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